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Our Super Chic Holiday Gift Guide is Here

Go on, get your shop on.

For the Lover of Cute, Cuddly Koalas in your Life

I hate to start out on such a sad note, but you can't live here in Australia and not feel the damage created by the bushfires that have been ravaging our country for over a month now. To say that our brave (and severely underfunded) volunteer firefighters have been going above and beyond to get this disastrous situation under control would be the understatement of the year. Ditto for all of the amazing good samaritans out there turning their homes into hospitals for our precious wildlife escaping the blazes. All of this devastation is why I think adopting a koala is one of the very best gifts you can give this year.

These little sweet balls of cuddly cuteness have been under serious threat for a while, and the recent bushfires have completely devastated their communities. Thankfully, there are organizations out there fighting the good fight for these adorable national treasures. WWF has amazing packages that come with a plush stuffed koala toy for the little ones as well as an adoption certificate and frequent koala protection updates.

You guys, with 95% of the Australia's koala population already gone, after the smoke clears from the fires A LOT of work is going to have to go into restoring what has been lost. We'll also have to work hard to hold our politicians accountable to ensure safeguards are actually in place to protect these habitats as our climate gets warmer. Your small monthly donation can go a long way to helping this process and will also help to get the kids in your life invested in using their power to shape the future. A is for Activism, afterall :)


For the Tête-à-Tête Lover in your Life

Let's face it a lot happens at the coffee table. Sometimes dinner, sometimes board games, sometimes wine and gossip. That means whatever lives permanently on the coffee table needs to be good. A stylish hardback book is an appreciated essential, so is a luxe candle. This one from Lumira would receive a warm welcome in any home, and although the company has taken the world by storm, it was born and bred right here in Sydney (its founder couldn't be nicer or more down to earth, btw). Pair your Lumira candle with this Salt&Pepper brass wick trimmer and snuffer for a winning gift combo.

Now, if you want to elevate your gift giving game, vintage Hermes playing cards are sure to fit the bill. For the person who has everything, there's a good chance they don't have these. This timeless gift will only get better with age.


For the Luxe Ladies in your Life

I recently read that a billionaire's butler says that they buy cashmere items in bulk so they always have an appropriate gift on hand. Well, if you're not a billionaire, then this might be a bit extra, but cashmere is always a gift that will be appreciated by its recipient. And thanks to Everlane, which is obsessed with ethical and sustainable production, you can get amazing quality cashmere at an attainable price. They even give you a behind the scenes look at the facility where all their cashmere products are created.

If you're in need of something a bit more low key, but still quality and thoughtful, you can't go wrong with a personalised leather keychain, complete with a precious enclosed photo.


For the Coffee, Cocktail and Culinary Connoisseurs in your Life

Each of these gifts are perfect for pairing with other delicious delicacies that the special food and drink lover can indulge in immediately.

For instance, I could definitely see pairing Athena Calderone's Cook Beautiful with a gourmet olive oil or truffle salt and a beautiful olive wood salad bowl and serving set. For the coffee or tea lover just pair our ceramic french press with a bag of fair trade coffee beans or our glass honey pot with a hand-picked and fair-trade tea, like Rare Tea Co's from last year's Gift Guide.

And of course, that person who's always the life of the party is sure to love these delicate yet hilarious hemstitched cocktail napkins. These pair perfectly with cocktail glasses and a bottle of top-shelf liquor.


For the Fab Fellas in your Life

The fellas in our lives can be notoriously difficult to shop for. When perusing the department stores and online sales, the options for men seem to be quite limited to alcohol paraphernalia and tech gadgets.

Whilst this particular roundup is short, these items could be paired with others on this list. There's no reason a man wouldn't love a nice set of knives, a vintage set of playing cards or even a cashmere jumper-- hey, cashmere does not discriminate, y'all!

I find that anytime you can give a gift that is vintage or one of a kind in some way, the recipient is sure notice the extra effort. So, even if the guy on your shopping list doesn't have room for a punching bag, these vintage leather boxing gloves will look great on display when they're not being worn at the gym.

The little leather "taco" cord organisers are super affordable and personalisable, and there's not a one of us who doesn't have cords coming out the wazoo, so this gift is as practical as it is lovely. The bonus of buying with Etsy, is that they offset all of their shipping carbon emissions, which means we can all breathe a little easier.

Finally, we may not be able to afford any of the items shown in the Ultimate Toys for Men book, but just because we're ballin' on a budget doesn't mean the guys won't still love looking over these top-notch toys. Ah, maybe someday...


For the Chic Homebody in your Life

In this community, we're all about creating the most comfy, cosy sanctuaries. Chances are we all have a few people in our lives with the same homely ambitions. These gifts are sure to delight, whether you're after a christmas present or a hostess gift that's something other than a bottle of wine, you can't go wrong with this selection.

Tasteful nude silhouettes are an art staple at this point, and Kerry Steele's collection ranges from monochrome to the very colourful palette, suiting all preferences.

These alpaca throws from Eco Down under are not only sustainable but oh so luxuriously soft. Great for cozying up with a glass of wine and a good book for the perfect night in. A classic throw cushion, with simple colours and patterns will suit most aesthetics (not all, of course) and can be a wonderful accompaniment to a throw or a luxe candle.


For the Gadget Guru in your Life

Guy or gal, adult or child, we're all pretty gadget savvy these days. As design enthusiasts we love when the tech we're surrounded with can be as beautiful as it is functional. That's why I love this nostalgic bluetooth gramophone. Not only will it add a fun sculptural element to any vignette, but the sound quality is great, too.

Speaking of nostalgia, is there a better throwback to a leather encased camera coupled with the instant gratification of on-demand picture production? With all the digital cameras at our disposal, any photo buff is sure to appreciate the thoughtfulness required to capture the moment with one shot, instead of the 150 chances our phone gives us.

Sometimes the simplest things can bring zen to our lives. This marble wireless charger looks as pretty as a coaster, making it perfect for any bedside table or lounge side table.

No wireless game is complete without wireless headphones. Apple has the new customisable pro version out, but I think the classics are still great. Let's face it, these little guys go flat and it's not exactly impossible to lose one, so even if your recipient already has a set, a second pair won't go unappreciated.


For the Fur Babies in your Life

If you're anything like me, your pet's presents on Christmas morning will rival whatever Santa brings the kids. So now might be a good time to upgrade your pet's bed. I'm loving the Harmony line at Pet Barn. There's absolutely no reason why our cat's and dog's toys as well as furnishings shouldn't be as chic as our other homewares.

If you're committed to eating free-range, you may have thought on more than one occasion that your pet should have the same option. These Providore free-range lamb and abalone treats are just the ticket. I thought I saw a cat version in the Pet Barn store, but can't seem to find them online. So be sure to pop into your local pet shop to see all the latest offerings to spoil your fur babies rotten this holiday season.


Give the Gift of Home with a 2-Hour Design Consult

Still not sure what to give a special person in your life? Maybe they're new homeowners, first time renters or busy bachelors, for $195 the gift of a 2-hour design consultation is the gift that keeps giving.

During the consult, our clients can feel free to ask us for our advice on anything from colour and lighting, spacial layouts to window treatments. We'll be delighted to provide solutions! We'll also take detailed notes about each space of interest, as well as photos and measurements and potential next steps, which can be used by clients as they see fit.

Whether they do DIY projects in stages, e-design or a full renovation project, this consultation will serve as a guide once they're ready to get started.


Are you ready to transform your home in the New Year? Let's talk!

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Krista Collard | Founder + Principal Designer



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