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Thinking of making an AirBnB Investment? Here’s 10 Amenities Not to Skip

An outside view of a house with a large barn style loft on top. The bottom is bricked on the side with white colourbond on the front and silver colourbond for the loft and roof. A tall rectangular window with a black frame is set into the loft and a silver chimney is visible on the left of the roof. At the front of the house is an awning over a paved white area, with a seat and flowers. In front of the house there is lush green grass and a small garden with some shrubs. In the background is a vineyard.

If you’re thinking about making an investment with an AirBnB, now’s the perfect time. There’s record low interest rates, and even if travel is restricted now, there’s sure to be A LOT of pent up demand for travel once the COVID vaccine is in full swing. Start preparing now and you could find a great return on your investment come spring time.

With my house currently under renovation (yay!) I’ve spent quite some time living out of AirBnBs recently, and now consider myself somewhat of a connoisseur. While the quality of AirBnBs vary from property to property, some things are a godsend - like when you’ve spent a week using a camper stove next to the bathroom and finally have access to a functional kitchen! Here’s 10 amenities you’ll want to include in your AirBnB, and how to best go about them.

1. A Full Length Mirror

A queen size bed sits in the middle of a room. It has an ornate cane backboard, a grey doona with a white valance and a beige blanket thrown at the foot. Pillows in grey pillowcases are propped at the head of the bed with two beige cushions and a smaller rust coloured one. Next to the bed is a cylindrical cane side table with some trinkets on it and two hanging pendant lamps from the ceiling on either side. The wall behind the bed is painted teel and floor is grey carpet. Floor to ceiling mirror doors are on the left opening to a cupboard.

A full length mirror seems so simple, but this is one amenity that so many places forget to include. Think about the reasons you're often staying at hired accomodations: business, weddings and vacations. Chances are you want to look your best, and without a full-length mirror that can be really challenging. If you have the space, opt for sliding mirror doors on your cupboards, or purchase a free standing mirror as a statement piece. Adhere a simple mirror to the back of a door for a space-saving option.

2. A Coffee Maker

A kitchen. There is a silver sink on the right attached in an L shape to a white bench with white cupboards underneath. A coffee machine, kettle and other appliances rest on the bench. Slat windows rest above the sink and bench. The walls are painted white with rustic peeling window frames and door jam. A room is visible beyond with a white dining table and chairs, teal tiled floor, light brown footstool/seat and large potted plant in the corner.

Let’s face it - most of us enjoy a good cup of coffee in the morning! While access to instant coffee is acceptable in a pinch, having a really coffee maker really makes a world of difference. Make sure you also include enough coffee, milk and sugar for your guest’s stay - two pods or sachets won’t cut it if you’re renting your AirBnB out for a week! Include other options like tea and hot chocolate too, and make sure they’re also well stocked.

3. Kitchen Essentials

An open plan kitchen. The floor is grey tiles with a large tan rug in the middle of the room. An industrial table with metal legs and a light brown bench top sits in the middle of the room. Two matching stools sit on one side of the table with a matching bench seat on the other. Some glass jars and a container of water rest on the table with a clipboard. The wall behind the table is tiled in emerald green; the other walls are painted a light grey. There is a white bench with white cupboards underneath and a silver sink on the left. A floating shelf sits above the bench with a white lamp clamped on and some green plants in copper pots.

Speaking of coffee, you’ll want to ensure your kitchen has all the essentials as well. Chances are, if people are choosing an AirBnB over a hotel, it's because they want the experience of living in that particular neighbourhood, which will probably mean cooking at home a few nights. Having basics such as olive oil, salt + pepper and butter on hand will be sure to impress, as well as utensils such as scissors, serving spoons, kitchen knives and chopping boards.

4. Comfortable Bedding

A small room opens onto a bright wooden verandah The view is foggy with native trees visible. The wide doors are full glass with white frames and beige curtains. A loft bed is visible in the back corner with white sheets, a khaki blanket and beige pillows. Artwork of a horse hangs on the white wall above the bed and two grey armchairs are next to the bed in front of the open doors. They have white cushions on them and a coffee table between them. The floors, walls and ceiling are all light brown timber. There is a rattan rug on the floor and hanging pendant lights from the ceiling.

One of the most important aspects of any stay is, of course, the bed. A nice linen blend for your sheets is always pleasant, as well as a comfortable doona and extra blankets for cold nights. Even if the mattress isn't the best, a nice memory foam topper can be an affordable option for people to get a fantastic night's sleep. Make sure you also have a few spare pillows either on the bed, or in the linen cupboard - there’s nothing worse than having only one lumpy pillow to choose from!

5. Artwork

A bedroom. A queen bed with white sheets sits in the middle of the room. It has a pale aqua fabric headboard with a dark teal and patterned blanket laid on the end of the bed. Multiple white pillows and cushions adorn the bed with a matching aqua cushion and a coral cushion in the centre. A black side table is visible to the left of the bed with a blue lamp on top; it has a cream lamp shade. The walls and ceiling are all painted white and the floor is grey carpet. A white tallboy is opposite the bed with a small tv on top. Abstract blue and coral artwork hangs on the adjacent wall. There is a white ceiling fan/light on the ceiling and a window with white frames on the back wall.

Remember that a big part of your AirBnB is the aesthetic; people don't want to feel like they're in a white box. Abstract art is a great way to spice up most design aesthetics, and will help make your space feel warm and welcoming. Remember that themed artwork can be a great way to set the tone of your property, but don’t go too cliche or you’ll risk being tacky. A coastal property, for example, doesn’t need a photo of a beach and seagulls in every room!

6. Unique Design Aesthetics

A loft style bedroom. The floor is a dark timber. The walls are beige; the ceiling is sloped to a point in the middle. The right ceiling slope matches the beige of the walls and has a TV mounted to it. The other ceiling/wall has gold damask wall paper with two large inset windows. A pendent light hangs from the middle of the roof. A bed sits in the middle of the room opposite the TV; it has white sheets with a wooden base and fluffy white cushions. Artwork hangs on the far wall with a clear-glassed door and a rectangular window. An acoustic guitar sits in a stand in the far corner. Opposite it there is a side table with a plant and a lush white arm chair. There is a fire place opposite the bed and a white rug rests at the foot of the bed

San Francisco, USA

Don't be afraid to use the quirky features of your space to your advantage - a slanted ceiling, for example, could be used for a TV in the bedroom, like in the photo above. Think also about ‘the gram’ - can you blend comfort with Instagramable style? Remember bold colours and textures work really great in small spaces, which is why we often tell people to go bold in powder rooms. If your AirBnB is small, colour and texture can do a lot to add character, and can even help you get free publicity when your guests are inclined to post to social media from your property.

7. Appropriate Technology

A modern living room. The floor is light brown and the walls and ceiling are painted white. The far wall is floor to ceiling windows and glass doors with square black frames all over. There is a white staircase leading upwards on the right. An airconditioner is attached to the wall on the left and down lights are embedded in the ceiling. A mustard coloured leather coach rests against the left wall with a mid-century brown coffee table in front of it. Various knick knacks rest on the table. Opposit the coach is a white low line tv cabinet with cupboards underneath and a large TV on top.

If you’re marketing your property as a technological retreat, then you may be able to limit your technology, or skip over this amenity altogether. However, it’s come to be expected that most modern AirBnBs will include at least a basic TV set up. While you don’t need to go overboard with a 60” flatscreen in every room, making sure your guests can kick back and enjoy themselves is a big plus. Aside from a TV, having some bluetooth speakers or a simple sound system available can also be a great addition, depending on the vibe of your property.

8. Toiletries

A close up of a bathroom vanity. The vanity is brown timber with a drawer at the top and an open space at the bottom filled with white towels. The sink is pink stone with gold tapware attached to the wall. Above the vanity rests a rectangular mirror with rounded edges. Glass shower doors are visible on the left and a white toilet on the right. Organic pump bottles hang on the wall to the right of the sink. The wall is tiled in a soft pink

While many people travel with their own toiletries these days, having some on hand is never a bad idea. In fact, your guests will feel all the more grateful when they forget their toothbrush and find one available under the bathroom sink (new and unused, of course!). If you don’t want to feel too much like a hotel, including locally sourced products can be a nice touch, as can organic and eco-friendly products. Think also about the little extras that might be nice to include, such as toothbrushes, dental floss, and sanitary items.

9. Local Expertise

An open plan kitchen/dining/living space. The floors are wooden and the walls are painted white. On the left is a grey benchtop with white cupboards underneath and hanging above. There is a microwave on the left of the becnh next to a stove top and a sink is on the right. A silver kettle, a coffee machine and a cup full of utensils sit on the bech. On the right is a large white dining table with matching chairs. In the distance there is a bay window with a seating area.

For that special local touch, giving your guests some insider information is sure to please. Creating a well-presented booklet listing the best cafes, restaurants and attractions in town can be really helpful to those unfamiliar with the area, or give repeat visitors something new to try. You could also try teaming up with local businesses to offer a discount code to your guests for use during their stay.

10 Special Treats

A close up of a bed and sitting area. The walls and floor are a light timber. The bed is a loft style with white cupboards underneath. It has white sheets with beige pillows and a pulled back doona. A large painting hangs on the wall next to the bed and naked industrial lightbulbs hang either side. Next to the bed is a grey upholstered chair with a blush pink cushion. A small table sits next to it with a wooden chopping board on top covered in fresh fruit and croissants, as well as a tray of butter and a coffee mug.

Finally, think about leaving a few special treats for your guests. Make sure to include some different options including sweet snacks, salty snacks and possibly white wine or a prosecco. Remember, red wine and chocolate can leave stains, so it might be best to avoid those. Again, using locally sourced items will gain you brownie points, and is a great way to make your property feel truly unique.

Are you ready to take the plunge into an AirBnB investment property? Contact me today to discuss your styling needs.

A millennial woman, residential interior designer based on the Lower North Shore of Sydney, Australia. She is wearing a white and grey tweed blazer with a white cami, jeans and black framed glasses. Her hair is dark blonde and she is smiling with her legs crossed and her arm rested on a marble and walnut side table surrounded by native Australian flowers and plants. A watercolour abstract painting in a matted and brass frame hangs on the wall behind her as do charcoal drapes.

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