At Krista Collard Interior Design, we believe that you should always leave a place better than you found it. That work doesn't stop with interiors. Our industry carries with it a large carbon footprint, and we want to do our part to shrink that footprint as much as possible.


That's why we've committed to giving 3% of our profits to The Eden Projects. This amazing NGO is tackling the global deforestation crisis head-on by reforesting some of the hardest hit places like Madagascar, Haiti and Nepal.


The Eden Projects' model of "hiring a village to plant a forest" is doing wonders for some of the most deeply impoverished communities on earth. They have created over 3,500 jobs for villagers across the planet and these people plant millions of trees every single month. 


It costs only 10 cents to plant a tree, and with that contribution The Eden Projects guarantee they will "plant, grow and guard your tree to its maturity".


If you're interested in making your own donation or starting a campaign to get others engaged, visit the Eden Projects here.