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Sustainable Staging 


Seasoned real estate experts know that having a well designed and professionally staged home can mean the difference between a fast sale (for often thousands of dollars over the asking price) and a property sitting stale on the market without much interest.

With the rise of popular shows like The Block and House Rules, and social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest, savvy and eco-concious home buyers are increasingly expecting more from their home purchases. 

At Sustainable Staging we take a holistic approach to home styling. We combine qualified interior design with quality, ethically sourced and whenever possible, Australian-made furnishings. We always work to ensure our staging highlights the best features of the home, attracting buyers from all walks of life and offending none--all at an affordable price. 


So, if you're ready to move on to next phase of your life, we can help get you there. Book a consultation with us today. 

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