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About Krista Collard Interior Design

Krista Collard is a residential interior designer and founder and principal of Sustainable Staging. She believes that good design should be accessible to everyone, and every home, big or small, should be a sanctuary. Krista specialises in keeping an eye on the latest trends while focusing on creating timeless aesthetics. She always works to source sustainable furnishings crafted by local artisans from right here in Australia and from communities around the globe. 

Krista has over ten years of experience working in media optics, visual storytelling and merchandising, and she knows that the devil is in the detail. Her clients range from people who have very clear creative goals in need of someone to help "tie up" the technical loose ends, to clients who wish to be totally hands-off, leaving the bulk of the design process to a trusted professional.  


Krista moved to Sydney, Australia from Oakland, California and has experienced firsthand the increased premium on living space and the growing need to maximise it through clever design. She loves working with clients from all backgrounds and age groups and thrives on finding creative solutions to meet all design challenges.


As passionate advocates of the environment, Krista Collard Interior Design is a partner of Eden Projects which helps to eliminate poverty by empowering villagers around the globe to plant millions of trees to fight back against deforestation and climate disruption. 

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