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Completed Projects

KCID Dining Design 1.png
KCID Gallery Wall.png
KCID Styling.png
KCID Lounge Design 2.png
KCID Lounge Design 4.png
KCID Kitchen Styling 1.png
KCID Bathroom Renovation.png
Bathroom Tap Vignette.png
KCID Pool Living.png
KCID Bar Cart Vignette.png
KCID Pool Living with Eco Fire 2.png
KCID Pool Design 1.png
KCID Pool Storage Design.png
KCID Master Suite Design 2.png
KCID Home Office Design 1.png
KCID Master Suite Design 1.png
R2.jpg New.jpg

Projects Under Development

We currently have a few projects under development from new construction to full renovations. Follow along as we develop each bespoke design, transforming 3D models into dream homes. 


Pantry Window.jpg
Toby's Room2 .jpg
Toby's Room with Sky.jpg
Macy's Room with Sky.jpg


R2.jpg New.jpg

EAST Killara 

Render 02 (1) (1).jpg


R1 (B).jpg
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