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Staying Ahead of the Curve: Arch Trend 2020

Updated: May 11, 2020

A modern home incorporating 2020 interior design trend of arches. White walls and timber floors and furnishings. Cute French Bulldog and child. Kitchen and Pantry with open plan living.

Image Source | Hogg and Lamb

There are some amazing design trends emerging in 2020, with everything from throwbacks to the anything-goes 1970s, to peach velvet cladded curved sofas. Terrazzo that's bolder in colour and shape than ever before is making its way onto everything from bench tops to floors, but the arches are reigning supreme. I for one have always had a soft spot for arches, as they were one of the best features of the 100 year old home I grew up in. However, not everyone is so keen on them, with some folks going to great lengths to box in these architectural elements of their homes.

If you're considering taking the drastic measure of squaring your curves, maybe this arch roundup will make you think twice and save you some moolah along the way. And, if your abode isn't currently blessed with these beautiful curves, you might just be able to DIY a few into fruition with only a jigsaw. Fortunately, with architectural advancement, we're seeing pioneers integrate arches into all kinds of magical concoctions.


Deep coral coloured tufted bench seat custom placement in arched alcove. Sculptural arched wall sconce light above bench. Timber floors and impressive white cornices.

Image Source | Humbert & Poyet

Many people moving into a new home find themselves at odds with some of the architectural elements of the building, with alcoves being one of them. You may find yourself asking how to keep wall recesses looking modern, but with a little bit of TLC you’ll find that arched alcoves can be used in a variety of ways in your home - it just takes a bit of creativity!

Dining room with small timer stools for seating . Oval blond timber dining table and matching timber floors. Dusty peach painted walls on arched inset alcove with stylishly decorated open blond timber floating shelves.

Image Source | One Design Office

The great thing about wall recesses is that they can be redecorated time and again to spruce up your home. For a large alcove, consider adding a bench seat or shelving to the space to create a chic reading nook or display area. Painting the recess in a complementary colour can further highlight the space, accentuating the beautiful curves of the arch and playing with the shadows that recesses create.

White stucco walls with multiple arch alcoves of various sizes and decorated with sculptural vases and candlestick holders. Timber floors. White arched wall at ceiling.

Image Source | Apartment34

Smaller alcoves can be used for everything from artwork to light fixtures, taking the place of a feature wall in a room or hallway. But, if you’re anything like me, you need to be careful with what you put there. Just make sure you don’t clutter up the space too much or they can become one of those dreaded dumping grounds for keys, wallets and knick-knacks.

Entryways, Ceilings & Windows

Arched stone ceiling, stone door frames with dusty blue painted doors. Renaissance era architecture with modern furnishings.

Image Source | archilovers

One of the amazing things about arches is that they create the illusion of more space. Curved ceilings add height to a room, while arched doorways or windows can make a room feel wider. Whether your room has a single arch as a focus point, or is arch-crazed with curved entryways, ceilings and decor, you can be sure that adding an arch will make your room feel spacious and light.

Stylish modern cafe with curved coffee bar, light timber and terrazzo benches. White walls custom window seat with rust coloured cushion. Light timber stools for seating and three large wall mirrors of various arched shapes and sizes.

Image Source | The New Design Project

The other great thing about arches is that they can be done in so many different ways! One thing I love about homes is that they show off the personality of the owner. Your home may boast classical beauty, or it can be a hallmark of modern design, with unique curved shapes that will have everyone talking. Use arches to highlight the unique things you love about your home.

Three tall arched windows complimented by a arched brass fireplace. A modern living room with an arched white sofa and low coffee table place on a rug accompanied by two vintage Pierre Jeanneret timber armchairs. View of olive trees from the large windows.

Image Source | Quadro Room

Fixtures & Furniture

Terrazzo bathroom vanity bench top and backsplash. Brass tapware on the sink. Large, back lit arched mirror turned to the side so the flat side is meeting the wall at a 90 degree angle. A sculptural brass pendant hangs from the ceiling on the left. The walls are a rusty orange. An arched doorway reflects in the mirror.

Image Source | Tomshi & Associates

Still not sure that arches are for you? There’s plenty of ways to add curves to your home without changing anything architecturally. From arched mirrors to tables and benches, choosing the right pieces for your home can keep you on-trend while also fitting in with your aesthetic.

And, if you’re looking for a weekend project you can DIY your way to arched perfection. Using a jigsaw to create an oversized headboard might spruce up your bedroom just enough, and can be complementary to rounded furniture like bedside tables.

DIY arched headboard in a light and bright bedroom Scandinavian inspired decor with dusty pink bedding, blond timber side table and floor with comfy rug.

Image Source | Three Birds Renovations

If DIY projects are not your thing, or you’re thinking about adding an arched entryway or window into your home, consider calling a professional in to add the perfect arch to your abode.

Will you be jumping on the arch trend in 2020? Let us know in the comments what arches you’re looking forward to using in your home this year.

Loving these 2020 trends, but not sure if they're right for your home?



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