3 Quirky Ideas to Create Your Tween’s Dream Room

Updated: Mar 5

Image Source | Sarah Hinton Design Studio

Do you have a son or daughter navigating the space between child and teen? Well, then you probably have a tween on your hands! As your child begins to grow into their teenage years, both their needs and their tastes are likely to change, which is why a bedroom makeover could be the perfect 2021 present. Think of your tween as your client: you want to let them choose their dream room, but keep the options tailored and limited. Here’s 3 fun ideas to get you started.

1. Make a DIY headboard

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For a fun project you can work on together, consider making a fun DIY headboard unique to your tween’s personality and tastes. The photo above showcases a super chic headboard made with pool noodles and fabric. You’d never guess it was home-made, right?! Depending on your tween’s tastes, you can use this tutorial with many different fabrics for any look their heart desires.

Image Source | Claire Zinnecker Design

If this style isn’t to your tween’s liking, there’s plenty of other options out there. I personally love this pegboard headboard, which is the perfect combination of function and form. Utilising a peg board or bookshelf as a headboard is a great way to display items, hang photos, and have necessities within easy reach. Speaking of hanging photos…

2. Have fun with photos and quotes

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This is a good tip for any photos, but is especially great for kids: go through any family videos and take stills of funny faces and happy moments. Get your tween’s favourites printed and they can then be hung throughout their room. Get creative by utilising a peg board, putting some in frames, making a gallery wall, or stringing them up like old-fashioned polaroids.

Image Source | Three Birds Renovations

For an extra artistic element, find great quotes from favourite tv shows or movies and have these printed and framed. Our family is obsessed with Apple TV's Ted Lasso, so I'm trying to narrow down which of his numerous epic quotes with make it on the wall of my 13 year old stepson's new bedroom. Make sure that any photos or quotes can be easily changed out for when your tween finds their next favourite show or decides they no longer like a photo.

3. Make the space functional & stylish

Image Source | The LifeStyled Company

Remember that your tweens will be teens soon enough. As tempting as it is to clutch tightly to them as children, as they get bigger they'll need both form and function. Make sure to incorporate storage and space to suit their interests and hobbies, whether it be skateboarding, sports, makeup, reading, gaming etc.

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You’ll also want to ensure that there is space in your tween’s room for study, which will become more important as they move through high school (even if they don’t think so!). One fun idea is to add in a loft bed with a desk underneath, which creates zones within the space and even feels like a cool studio apartment.

Do you need a hand styling your tween’s dream room? Contact me today to arrange a consultation and we’ll have your tween saying ‘awesome’ in no time!

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