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Our Quintessential 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

A collage of various homewares, hiking and stationery gifts

If you’re super organised, you might already have your Christmas shopping sorted. But, for the chaotic Christmas buyers among us (ahem, me), we’ve put together the perfect guide for all the Christmas presents you’ll need. Check out our guide below for some holiday present inspiration. We won’t tell anyone if you choose a gift or two for yourself ;)

For the Foodie

If there’s one thing I love about Christmas, it’s the food! These gourmet gifts are perfect for foodies and liquor connoisseurs alike, or even the casual wine-and-diner - after all, we all need to eat, right?!

For a unique, edible gift, you can’t go past these delectable cheese gift packs. Hand selected by local cheese artisans, the mix of cheeses is simply divine, plus you’re supporting a small, family business who love what they do. They deliver Australia wide right to your doorstep - win!

If your special someone prefers liquids, a nice bottle of wine or gin could be the way to go, or you could opt for a super-chic growler to keep their beverages cold and sparkling.

Cut out images on a white background: a cheese platter, a bottle of gin, a rose gold ukeg


For the Intellectual

Did anyone else binge-watch The Queen’s Gambit on Netflix recently? I know it can’t have just been me! Playing chess has long been considered a sophisticated way to spend the evening, and now you can take your board with you in a stylish way. Say goodbye to cheap travel kits and get your loved one a roll up chess kit they’ll adore.

For those who prefer goal-setting to games, these chic customised pencils are both practical and super cute. I also love the leather compendiums available at the moment - perfect for work, university, and P&C meetings!


For the Adventurer

With the way this year’s gone, even the most adamant homebodies are itching to get out and about this summer. There’s so many options for practical gifts that your adventurers are sure to use time and again.

If day trips and park outings are your loved one’s style, this super chic picnic backpack is sure to fit the bill. Unlike usual picnic sets, this stylish kit comes with top-notch inclusions such as stainless steel cutlery and unibody plastic wine glasses. Plus, it all packs away into an easy to carry (and stylish) backpack.

For those who like to go a bit off the beaten track, a National Parks pass or foldaway camping hammock might be more their style.

Cut out images of gifts: a brown backpack with a brown and cream picnic rug attached to the side, a set of cards depicting national park passes, a grey and blush pink hammock


For the Homemaker

If you know a designer or enthusiastic home decorator, this next lot of gifts is for them. For me, stylish linen napkins or cushion covers are never under appreciated, and make a great addition to any home. Remember if you’re opting for a homely gift to ensure your choice matches your loved one’s tastes - no one wants a neon yellow cushion in a minimalistic navy and cream house! Neutrals are usually your best bet, unless you have a good understanding of their personal style.

If you’re wary of choosing something for someone else’s home, a design book could be a great choice, or a flower subscription is perfect for the girl who has everything.

Cut out images of gifts: A set of white linen napkins with tassel edges, a cover of a home decorating book, a set of flowers wrapped in brown paper, a set of cream cushions with gold and grey accents


For the Eco-Conscious

Something I’m always mindful of at Christmas time is to find gifts that are useable, appreciated, and as eco-friendly as possible. The amount of plastic knick knacks that go into landfill each year is astounding, and even if your friends and family aren’t on the eco bandwagon, they’re sure to still appreciate a gift with minimal waste.

There are so many eco-friendly options available on the market that you can find something for just about every type of person. If you have a beauty enthusiast, a natural makeup set could be perfect. For a twist on the usual Christmas sock present, a pair of hand knitted fair-trade socks might be the unexpected gift you need (plus 50% of Fazl’s profits go towards orphaned and destitute children). With the rise of reusable straws and cutlery, a bamboo cutlery set is ideal for the sustainably minded, and my favourite pick is this stylish watering can - perfect for keeping your plants alive while doubling as decor!

Cut out images of gifts: a pair of grey, blue and red patterned socks; a tin with cardboard wrapped lipsticks, a copper coloured watering can, a set of bamboo cutlery in cream and khaki roll up fabric storage

Are you feeling inspired? Comment below with your favourite 2020 gift finds and check back in after the holidays to share what you received. Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas xx

A millennial woman, residential interior designer based on the Lower North Shore of Sydney, Australia. She is wearing a white and grey tweed blazer with a white cami, jeans and black framed glasses. Her hair is dark blonde and she is smiling with her legs crossed and her arm rested on a marble and walnut side table surrounded by native Australian flowers and plants. A watercolour abstract painting in a matted and brass frame hangs on the wall behind her as do charcoal drapes.

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