2020 Holiday Decor You’re Sure to Love

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Anyone with an interior decorator as a friend has been waiting for this moment… it’s Christmas, y’all! While I love any excuse to decorate, Christmas is the perfect time of year to really go all-out on your home decor, and put your family and guests in a festive mood. If you’re looking for some 2020 inspiration, read on for my top holiday decor tips.


Design: Monika Hibbs | Photography: Tracey Ayton

If there’s one thing I love at Christmas, it’s a well thought-out decorated mantel. While wood fires aren’t as common as they used to be (and no one will be running them in Australia this December!) the mantelpiece is still the focal point of most living areas, and is a great place to showcase your holiday spirit. Keep in mind that your mantels can be as extravagant or minimalist as you like - it’s all about your own, unique style.

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To me, a beautiful garland with fresh flowers and greenery is perfection, especially when topped off with some candles. For traditionalists, a lush pine garland might be your thing, but there’s some amazing Aussie natives to think about too. Eucalyptus runners are becoming more popular, and DIY bottle brush variants are also stunning. The great thing about using natives is that they’re sustainable, gorgeous to look at, and easy to use! Unlike other flowers, natives can be purchased weeks in advance and will dry naturally, rather than looking dead and lifeless on Christmas day.


Design: Maxwell and Gray | Photography: Rachel Elaine

Ok, so I know I just wrote about Thanksgiving tables… but I can’t help but decorate the place settings for Christmas too! Just like the mantel, floral arrangements are a must, and fresh natives are your best bet. Consider whether you’d like a garland along the centre of your table, or floral arrangements spotted along. Again, you can choose to go all-out on your flowers, or keep things simple. My top tip is to utilise different levels for added dimensions - just make sure your arrangements aren’t too high so your guests can still see each other!

Design: Eclectic Creative | Photography: Sophie Timothy

Aside from your flowers, have a think about your tablecloth, dinner plates, cutlery and glasses. If you have a nice wooden table, you might skip the tablecloth option, or you could opt for a lovely linen base. Remember that you don’t necessarily need to go for traditional Christmas colours - pastel tones mixed with a natural palette creates a light, delicate feeling that’s perfect for hot Aussie Christmases. For place settings, organic shaped plates are in, and brass or gold cutlery never goes out of style. Top it all off with a few candles, or add some cafe or twinkle lights for an extra touch of Christmas magic.

Surprising Rooms to Decorate

Design: Emily Jackson | Photography: Lindsay Salazar

While the mantel and the table are our go-to decoration spots, and definitely the top picks if you have limited time or resources, there are plenty of other areas of the house that can benefit from some holiday decor. For surprising places to decorate, think about the backs of bar stools with wreaths or bows, some strung up baubles on your range hood, or even a wreath on the window over the kitchen sink. If you’re really in a festive mood, consider putting up a small tree in your bedroom (a mini version on the night stand is super cute!), or even some decorations in the bathroom - the options are limitless!

Christmas really is a special time of year, and you can adjust your decor to your own celebrations - floral garlands and festive wreaths can look just as stunning on Hanukkah as they do at Christmas. Will you be decorating your home for the holidays? Let me know below.

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