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Beautiful Built-ins that will Boost your Home’s Value

Updated: Nov 10, 2019

The beauty of life is that it’s never fully in perfect order. Endless ebbs and flows follow the messes and stillness that shape its changes. While there may be plenty of messy moments that stand in our memories, there’s no reason why your beautiful abode should find itself in one - especially when a little thoughtful planning can go a long way. With TLC and an eye for style. Built-in storage solutions cam add endless value to your home, filling it with order, beauty, and timeless practicality that goes a long, long way.

Curated clutter is an art form in itself

Makeup vanity vignette. With polaroid photo and jewellery on leather tray. Flowers in a vase with Jo malone fragrance and Diptique candle atop Vogue coffee table book.
Image Source: Jolly Abode

Art is all about self expression. The things you keep on the shelves and surfaces of your interior are all elements that hint at the personality of the person that calls each space their own; and with a little touch of curated chemistry, the way your things are organised can lend ordered expression to your interior style.

Open shelving with art, books, plants and pottery. Shelves are above white built-in cabinets.
Image Source: Amber Interiors

With built-in shelving at your disposal, you’re free to mix and match your items on the blank canvas that holds strong and seamlessly fits in with your home style. Just like in a gallery, you can tell a story through the placement of your pieces on this canvas; arranging items exactly how you see them best fitting. Thinking about what aspects you’d like to get across and group accordingly. Curating by colour is a great way to create a feast for the eyes - but with so many possibilities to play with, your shelves are waiting to hold your visual story with organised poise.

Recipe for creating the perfect #shelfie

White open shelving with plants, chunky blanket, magazines, art, pottery, and record player.
Image Source: Lark & Linen

Pinterest may be full of house-proud photos, but it’s far from impossible for your shelves to feature among the favourites. Perfectly orchestrated #selfies are a great way to showcase organised style - and there’s a simple recipe that you can follow to make sure you have all the elements that create powerful visual impact.

Recipe for creating the perfect shelf display. Artistic elements. Sculptural and lively elements. Textural and functional.l
Image Source: Krista Collard Interiors | Shelving Image: Lark & Linen

Your built-in storage is meant for functionality, and that’s always the number one priority for their use - but aesthetics are far from out of the equation. Think texture, sculptural elements, and dynamic arrangements of style and size that create liveliness and and draw eyes to the deliciously organised arrangement. Your #shelfie is sure to sell itself with the formula - click away and capture your little corner of artistry when done!

Think of boxes and baskets as your beautifying besties

Tall built-in storage in Manhattan apartment. White and brass ladder, with grey boxes and brass hardware. Mirrored doors.
Image Source: House Beautiful

Style is all about balance; showcasing the pieces that make your proud. And putting the rest away. Baskets and boxes are ideal for putting clutter away. And add a style of their own to your home. Whether you go for bright colours, a splash of sophisticated single colour statement, or the eclectic look with raw materials, these storage solutions are another way to add clean style to your shelves with orderly love.

Kids + Pet storage solutions are functional fun

Custom timber bunk beds with end shelving and drawer unit. Double bed on bottom. Timber stairs with black railing. Shiplap walls. Tribal prints and textures.
Image Source: Amber Interiors

Kids’ imaginations are larger than life, and more often than not, run wild. Their tools, toys, and treasures may often follow suit - which makes them perfect candidates for dreamy storage solutions. And don't even get me started with the pets! Our dog might only be 5.5 kilos of fluffy furry, but all of her supplies and accessories can give the kids' gear a run for its money.

Pet's mudroom. Dog coming through doggie door in steel framed doors. Pet bed with supplies. Persian rug.
Image Source: Hey Djangles

With imaginative storage like textured boxes, baskets, and playful shelving accessories, kids will flock to the fun side of keeping things tidy in their own little havens. And pet supplies can be kept stowed away so you can grab when you need it without causing a dysfunctional mess while you don't.

Light timber and white closet in kids room. Baskets at top. Pretty, clean aesthetic and textural. Organised closet.
Image Source: @finding_lovely on Instagram

Need an expert eye to help you orchestrate your built-in brilliance?

Thoughtful design is valued and appreciated. When you factor it into your home’s interior design, you set yourself a simple booster for the future that adds value for you, and for the future of your property. True design takes consideration of the context and characteristics of your space; which is exactly the point at which my clients find themselves reaching for me most. From the virtual screen to 3D space styling, I love giving my clients an outlet to showcase brilliant interior style with practical, beautiful built-in goodness that gives added value to both home and abode.

Ready to add more organisation and functionality to your home? Give me a call. We can plan your place to pure perfection!



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