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All Things Artwork

Photo by Nicole Franzen. Three photos are hanging on a white wall above a side table. They are arranged in different frames, one with a large white matt surrounding the image. A vase and tray sit on the desk with artistic potted vases sitting on the floor underneath.

Image Source | Nicole Franzen

If there’s one thing I find unnerving walking into a newly built or renovated home, it’s blank walls! While some blank space can help open up a room, too much emptiness and your rooms start looking stark and unlived in.

One thing I love to do to spruce up a blank wall is to curate the perfect piece of artwork that suits both the room and the home owner. Not sure where to start? Keep reading for my guide on all things artwork.

Where to find great artwork

An artwork by artist Charlotte Dyce hangs on a white wall. The artwork is an oil painting of a dark skinned woman with short black hair. The artwork is framed in a tan wooden frame, hanging above a wooden desk featuring a white vase with native flowers, a terracotta pot with a cactus and a vintage camera

Image Source | Charlotte Dyce

The right piece of art can add endless sophistication to a home, and can be a real heirloom for years to come. For investment pieces, have a browse through online sites such as 1st Dibs and Chairish. These marketplace style sites curate vintage and antique pieces from around the world, providing you access to furniture and artwork of the highest quality. If you’re a real art connoisseur, consider reaching out to local artists for one-of-a-kind pieces unique to your home - I can’t wait for my oil painting commission to arrive from the wonderful Charlotte Dyce.

A lounge room with a slim black coffee table, a cream single-seat sofa and a lamp with a white lampshade. A grey rug sits on the floor, while two gold-framed beach images hang on the wall.

Image Source : AD Spain | Photography: Manolo Yllera

If you’re looking for unique artwork on a budget, have a chat to local art students who might be interested in creating bespoke pieces. Your other option for affordable pieces is to look at places like, a site that brings independent artists together to sell on a single platform. The great thing about Minted is that all designs are voted on before products are made, so you can be sure to find a real crowd-pleaser here - plus, you can also purchase artwork shipped flat to Australia, and then get it framed locally.

How to display your artwork

A large print of a cathedral wall hangs on a wall above a beige lounge. Assorted grey and cream cushions adorn the lounge, with a leopard print footrest in front

Image Source | The Decorista

As with most things in your home, bigger is usually better. A large artwork can form the centrepiece of your room, so long as you don’t over-clutter it - if the piece is large enough, it can stand alone. If you want a stand out piece that’s on the smaller side, don’t be afraid to frame an image or two in large frames with a lot of matt, which can add a lot of dramatic impact to an artwork.

Two white ladder shelves lean against a wall. Various artworks and pot plants adorn the shelves. A white dining table with a white chair sits in the foreground.

Image Source | Jihan Zencirli (via sf girl)

The other option is to select multiple pieces for one wall. Pay attention to your style choices and frames - groupings in different frame styles can be great, as can mixed mediums. Have a think also about what vibe you’re going for - keeping a few loose pieces propped up against the wall gives off a relaxed, transitional vibe and is highly recommended.

Which pieces to select

Three framed photos of woodlands hang on a wall in a kitchen. The kitchen cabinetry and sink are black. Assorted kitchen items sit on the bench including a jar of sugar and a wooden chopping board.

Image Source | The Woodhouse Lodge

As the saying goes ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’. You should choose art for your home that you like - it is your house after all! Remember, pretty goes with pretty. If you like it, it will probably work. Just be sure before purchasing that your chosen artwork will fit your available space, both in terms of style and size - there’s nothing worse than forking out big for something only to hate it when you get home!

A beige and cream coloured lounge room. The floor is cream carpet; a beige fabric lounge sits on the left. A black glass coffee table is on the right with shaggy cream single chairs at the back of the room. A large abstract artwork in white and dark blue hangs on the back wall.

Image Source | Interior Marketing Group

If you’re really unsure where to start, have a look on Pinterest or Instagram for interior designs and artwork you really like. Remember that different artwork can help shape the mood of the room, and also says a lot about your personal tastes. You might like a traditional painting filled with colour and texture, or you could find that monochromatic simplicity is more your style. Whatever it is, don’t be afraid to experiment, and soon you’ll be an art master too!

Do you have a favourite piece of artwork hanging in your home? Comment below with your statement pieces and why they spoke to you.

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