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Party Time! Ringing in 2021

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

Image Source | The Glam Pad

The Christmas celebrations may have only just ended, but in less than a week it’ll be time to ring in the new year! After a tough twelve months, I think we all deserve to party. For some lucky ducks, this might be in person, while for others some virtual drinks might be in order. Read on for our tips on how to enjoy a truly spectacular New Year’s event, whether in person or from afar.

Repurpose Decorations

A close up of a round upcycled table painted white and sanded back with intentional scuff marks. A brown hessian runner is on the table with an assortment of decorations: party hats made with sheet music, silver tinsel and images of clocks with curly black ribbon coming out of the top; votive candles, tea light csndles in jars; beige linen napkins with silver napkin holders; a brown wooden bowl filled with silver baubles; champagne glasses filled with silver streamers; and a black chalkboard in a cream frame with 'Happy New Year written on the board

Image Source | Vintage Country Style

When it comes to the holiday season, I try my best to avoid waste as much as possible, which is why repurposing your Christmas decor is a great eco-friendly idea. If you’ve used a non-traditional Christmas palette, many of your decorations will be easy to transition to a NYE theme, and even red and green can be repurposed when styled the right way. If you're hosting a virtual event, you can still get into a celebratory mood by styling the room you'll be videoing in from - there's nothing wrong with being a little 'extra' and going all-out in your living room or kitchen.

A glass side table with a gold metal frame is used at a party. Gold, black, white and baby pink balloons sit behind the table. On the table there is a pink and white flower arrangement, white cake stands with frosted cupcakes, bowls of strawberries, a chocolate fountain and a bottle of pink champagne. Below the table on the second tier there are pink and gold champagne glasses, Happy new year signs and more cupcakes.

Image Source | One Stylish Party

I recommend doing away with any obvious Christmas items such as wreaths, Santas, nativities, and Christmas scenes. Take a look at what you have left, and see if it’s worth reusing. Have a beautiful floral table garland? Set this up at the buffet table. Used candles on your mantel? Swap out the poinsettias for some Gatsby gold and you’re good to go. Remember metallic tones can look tacky if overdone, but a touch of sparkle is perfect for NYE.

Food, Glorious Food

A buffet table with a black table cloth. It rests against a black wall with a gold frame painted behind it. On the table there is a colourful flower arrangement, bottle of champagne in a cream bucket, martinin glasses with sparklers in them and an assortment of food.

Image Source | Pinterest

Unlike Christmas lunch, the feel at a New Year’s Eve event is usually much more casual, especially when it comes to the meal. Rather than a sit down dinner, a buffet table that people can come and go from is probably more suitable. If you’re kicking off the celebrations after dinner, a snack table may be appropriate, and can still be set up in a chic way. Again, if you're opting for a virtual event, a chic side table with some snacks could be the perfect accessory to frame your video with.

Canapes rest on a brown wooden platter, cut naturally. The canapes appear to be some sort of bread topped with a spread, cranberries, greenery, and a sauce drizzled on top

Image Source | Pinterest

For a casual affair, the usual chips, dips, and sweets might do the trick just fine. But, if you want to elevate your celebrations, have a look at some recipes for DIY canapés and hors d'oeuvres. Many party foods are simple to make, but look super sophisticated. When done right, food forms part of your decor, so why not make it as spectacular as your floral arrangements and centrepieces? There’s plenty of NYE recipe guides out there, so pick some of your favourites and have a play before the day.

Some Adult Bevvies

A woman with tan skin stands in black leather pants and a sparkly champagne coloured top. She is holding a wine glass filled with an orange liquid and is wearing some silver rings. Sparkly gold dangly earrings hand from her ears and a simple gold necklace is around her neck. In the background there is a beige couch and the edge of a window

Image Source | Cella Jane

The final piece to your NYE puzzle is, of course, drinks! Whether you ask your guests to BYO or offer a selection, being pre-prepared with glasses and chillers is sure to win you points with your guests. If you’re afraid to leave the good wine glasses out, opting for high quality plastic may be safer, while still retaining a classy feel to the evening. Ensure you have lots on hand for when guests inevitably lose track of theirs - lining them up on your buffet or on a separate drinks table is your best bet.

A large copper ice bucket is filled with ice that has pink flower petals frozen inside. A bottle of wine and pink champagne rest in the ice

Image Source | Domino

When it comes to keeping beverages cold, a set of stainless steel, gold, or copper tubs work perfectly. For an added touch of sophistication, freeze small flowers or petals in ice cubes - such an unexpected but beautiful addition! Make sure there’s lots available in different areas of your venue so that your guests aren’t scrambling for their drinks, and ensure there’s water on hand as well.

If you’re really into your drinks, or are planning a virtual celebration, consider having a cocktail party. For in-person events, set up a cute bar with ingredients on hand and recipes on display for your guests to try. For online events, send out some recipes before hand and have fun mixing them on video. Remember, you might not be able to celebrate as usual, but you can still have fun together in a unique way.

How are you ringing in the new year? Let me know your NYE plans and celebrate the start of 2021 in style!

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