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2020 Bathroom Trends We’re Crushing on Hard

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

Warm modern bathroom with oak vanity and linen closet, black hardware and marble bench top. White painted walls with black frame photography. Tile floor and grey turkish runner on floor. Black sconces on wall next to mirrors.

Image Source | Leclair Decor

It’s no secret that 2020 has been a real bummer of a year for most. However, with extra time spent at home due to quarantine and social distancing, now is the perfect time to choose your next home renovation project. From textured basin designs to revolutionary marble, here are my favourite bathroom trends of 2020 so far.

Tiles: Subway, Square & Bold

Vertical white subway tiles in bathroom behind vanity. Oval mirror on wall above wall mounted modern brass taps. White sink on top of marble vanity bench. Plants and soap on a timber tray flank the sink.

Image Source: Loni Parker, Adore Magazine | Photography: Mark Zeidler

One of the latest tile trends for bathrooms is vertically stacked subway tiles with rugged edges. A modern twist on traditional stretcher bond tiling, these gorgeous tiles look modern and chic, with the rugged edges adding texture to an otherwise flat wall.

Rough charcoal coloured square tiles behind black wall-hung vanity with exposed brass piping. Cement semi-recessed sink with brass wall mounted tap below square mirror. Single timber and glass light pendant hangs above the vanity to the left. A white toilet sits between the vanity and white wall. On the floor is grey tiles and a vintage Turkish style rug.

Image Source | Clé

If subway tiles aren’t your thing, you may prefer the look of square tiles. High gloss ceramic and natural stone looks are both drool worthy, and once again it’s all about natural, rugged edges. Whether they’re used as a vanity feature, or for floor to ceiling wall coverage, I’m loving these modern and edgy tile designs.

A powder room with walls adorned with textural taupe leather tiles. A round wall mounted globe sconce sits above an off centred rectangle frameless mirror. Below is a small marble backsplash with wall mounted brass tapware and a small white wall mounted ceramic sink with exposed brass pipe work. A white hand towel hangs directly left. In the mirror, reflects a hallway with a brass frame and black arched door with opulent crown mouldings.

Image Source: Delia Kenza | Photography by Pippa Drummond via Dwell Magazine

If you want to get extra creative, a leather tile is here for you. Powder rooms are such a great place to make a bold statement, and these leather tiles are textural without being too overwhelming. And apparently they're relatively easy to install and to keep clean, and given that they are made from cow skin that would have otherwise gone to waste, it's a win-win-win!

Modern bathroom with forest green vertical stacked subway tiles sitting above a matching built-in green marble shelf that goes to the floor. The white sink is elevated on skinny black metal legs and brass pipes and taps are on display. The floor is a green, grey and white terrazzo tile.

Image Source | Internity Home

No matter what tile shape you go with, bold colour choices are seriously in. While traditional bathrooms feature white tiles to open up the space, there’s something about jewel tones and deep greys that can make your bathroom go from three-star-hotel to deluxe suite. If you can’t resist a white tile, creamy whites are this year’s colour choice over stark bright whites.

Rough-Cut Sinks

A fresh bathroom in a deep grey for the walls, trim and door. A rough cut stone sink hangs on the wall with exposed brass pipes and wall mounted brass taps. A traditional brass mirror hangs on the wall flanked by brass sconces. The effect is English Countryside with a modern twist.

Image Source: Amber Interiors | Photography: Tessa Neustadt

Rough-cut sinks are the new kid on the block, and they are oh so pretty! Cut from natural stone like sandstone or onyx, these beautiful basins are sure to make you feel like you’re living with the aristocracy.

A white timber panelled bathroom. Wall hung black vanity with an open shelf and a rough-cut stone sink sat on top. A wall mounted brass tap sits below a curved brass mirror. The brass mirror is flanked by two traditional glass globe sconces. On the floor is wide plank timber.

Image Source: Architectural Digest | Photography: Stephen Kent Johnson

The great thing about these natural-look sinks is that they add texture without the need to accessorise. In my book, a natural colour palette with lots of texture is much classier than crowding a space with too much colour.

Diverse Marbles

White bathroom with mother of pearl textured square tiles behind an inset wall hung black marble vanity. A black stone basin sits on top of the vanity and silver taps are mounted under a black and brass wall hung mirror. A brass and glass pendant hangs from the recessed ceiling left of the mirror. The floors are timber and are layered with a traditional Turkish style rug.

Image Source: Amber Interiors | Photography: Tessa Neustadt

As much as I love a good marble bench top, I’m glad to see the back of the Carrera marble trend! This year it’s all about diversity in marble choices - from deep blacks to rich greys, these gorgeous new marbles are the change I’ve been waiting for!

A large round brass mirror hangs above brass wall mounted taps and a large grey marble wall-hung vanity. A brass towel ring is mounted on the left adjacent wall and ceramic vases sit on the vanity to the right, one holding a flower.

Image Source: Tecture | Photography: Shannon Mcgrath

Marble is such a versatile base to use in bathrooms, and looks great for bench tops, splash backs, tiles and fittings such as showers and baths. Just make sure not to overdue it - include plain features such as a simple white wall or a hardwood floor to maintain a sense of elegance.

Arched Mirrors

A Moroccan style timber mirror is hanging above a traditional timber vanity with a white marble top and brass hardware. Two brass sconces flank the mirror, and a brass hand town open ring is mounted on the adjacent wall. In the mirror reflects a muted toned abstract artwork in a white frame and matt. A small plant sits next to the sink.

Image Source | Dawn Reeves Design

If you read my article on the 2020 Arch Trend, you’ll know how in love I am with sleek arches and sophisticated curves. This timeless trend is perfect for bathroom mirrors, adding a point of interest to one of your most-used spaces.

A timber double vanity with six drawers and black hardware has two oval mirrors hanging above. The tapware is an antique bronze and has a traditional shape and sits on top of a marble top. A brass sconce with traditional form is mounted on white wainscoting walls. Flowers in a vase sits between the two sinks.

Image Source | Jenna Sue Design Co.

The great thing about curved mirrors is that they come in so many styles. Whether you opt for traditional Moroccan or Spanish styles or modern curved ovals, these gorgeous mirror shapes are here to stay.

Modern and Traditional Mixes

A corridor bathroom has a wall mounted double vanity with a shaving cabinet to the right. Straight ahead a brass shower set is mounted on a textural round white tiled wall. To the left sits a stand alone tub with a floor mounted gooseneck tap.

Image Source | Vivie Home

Not a trend, but a design staple that has continued into 2020, is elegant brass and mixed metal hardware and tapware. These traditional fixtures blend seamlessly with modern colours and textures to perfectly combine old and new.

A long marble vanity with an open shelf holding baskets and towels is mounted to a white inset wall. Black sconces flank the sides and black rimmed mirrors hang above traditional style wall mounted brass taps. To the right is a glass shower with a marble wall and brass tapware. On the floor are large light grey ceramic tiles.

Image Source | Jill Egan Interiors

Another modern-traditional mix I love is the combination of old and new in bathroom lighting. Using traditional light fixtures with a modern twist, such as hanging wall sconces, can help brighten up your room without it looking like an airport runway.

Interested in trying one of these trends in your own bathroom? Contact us today to help design a bathroom you’ll love now and in the future.

Millennial woman residential interior designer based on the Lower North Shore of Sydney, Australia. She is wearing a white and grey tweed blazer with a white cami underneath, jeans and black framed glasses. Her hair is dark blonde and she is smiling with her legs crossed and her arm rested on a marble and walnut side table surrounded by native Australian flowers and plants. A watercolour abstract painting in a matted and brass frame hangs on the wall behind her as do charcoal drapes.

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