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Currently Craving: Nature

All the organic luxuries to set your abode up for spring and summer.

As summer approaches, now is the time when we Aussies start to throw open the windows and doors, allowing our interiors to become one with nature. This means we’ll be craving lighter textures, natural materials, and fresher colours to help keep our spaces cool and comfortable.

Although we'll want to pare back, we can hold on to some light layers which means our homes can still be interesting and inviting.

Poolside living at dusk | Krista Collard Interior Design

Here’s our tricks for keeping your home light and natural through spring and right into summer.

You’ll want to bring in natural materials and refrain from incorporating too many bulky furnishings to ensure your space is light and airy.

Globe West 2019 look-book

We love these chairs from Globe West. With the rise of mixing timbers, styles and metals, these chairs are a cool addition. As technology advances, another trend on the horizon is dark timbers for outdoor use. These chairs are great transitional pieces.

Avery Koko Occasional Chair | Globe West

Avery Koko Occasional Chair | Globe West

Floor Covering

Don’t skimp on the floor. By adding in soft natural textures here you will ground your space. Vintage Moroccan, Turkish and Persian rugs are all great options. Woven rugs that can stand on their own or layered underneath a smaller patterned rug are also great choices and many are even versatile enough for covered outdoor use, too.

These rugs are simply luxurious underfoot | Designbx

Bring in the best parts of the outdoors

Adding in artwork is a breeze. Go for something that is reminiscent of the sea. Either a photographic print or an abstract painting can be great options. And if your blue hues are on the deeper side, these pieces of art won’t feel out of place as we transition to autumn and winter.

Whether it's a photographic print or abstract, it doesn't get more magical than a seascape | Studio McGee

Sculptural Elements

Don’t forget to go sculptural. Beautiful hand-blown glass or hand-thrown ceramic vases will add nice interest to any of your vignettes. We always advocate for sustainable design whenever we can get it and I have a sneaking suspicion that the new push for handcrafted, imperfect design is going to be less of a short-term trend and more of a classic design staple. That means you don’t have to feel bad investing a bit more in these pieces.

We're OBSESSED with these loose-weave baskets. | Papaya

So now all you have to do is add nature’s perfect colour and sculptural accessories, flowers and tree branches and you should be all set.

Beautifully handcrafted by Aussie artist Susan Simonini

How are you updating your abode for spring and summer? Leave a comment, we’d love to hear about it.

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Great inspiration for the warmer months. Love the 🔥

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