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Friday Faves: Modern Farmhouse

Getting in the Halloween spirt, ever so lightly. Image Source: Pinterest

It's no secret that the Modern Farmhouse look has been done a lot but it's a trend that surprisingly enough, I've yet to get sick of seeing. There are certainly trends within this trend that I wouldn't mind saying goodbye to (mason jar-everything, I'm looking at you!), but overall the Modern Farmhouse look keeps evolving and merging with other designs in such new and interesting ways, I just can't seem to get enough of it.

Most of the interpretations of Modern Farmhouse that sing to me are definitely the ones that lean more towards the "Modern" end of the spectrum and flirt with Industrial, Mid-century, Scandinavian and a bit Bohemian styles.

The uber-cool chandelier is the cherry on top of this gorgeous space. Image Source: A. Clore Interiors

No surprise that the godmother of Modern Farmhouse created this space. Image Source: Joanna Gaines, Fixer Upper

Clean palette meets interesting design pattern. Image Source: Katie Charlotte Photography

Drooling over the detail of this most perfect garage door. Image Source: Lonny Magazine

Couldn't you just imagine all your friends and family in this kitchen?! Image Source: Studio McGee

Dramatic yet simple. Image Source: Amy Bartlam

Perfect evening outside. Image Source: Abode

If the vignettes above are any clue, Modern Farmhouse plays nicely with a monochrome palette and warms up beautifully with the addition of lighter timbers, especially oak. In fact, without the warmth of timber and other natural elements like woven baskets, organic ceramics and greenery, many of these spaces might feel a bit strident.

When colours are added in with the other textures and patterns of Modern Farmhouse spaces, it can be quite beautiful, especially when they're used in just a few special accessories like a rug, cushion, or artwork.

Every detail is thought of in this bright space. Image Source: Bre Doucette

The direction of adding colour is one of my favourites for this look. Mixing up natural timber and painted timber joinery is a trend that has been picking up speed in kitchens over the last couple of years, and I'm not complaining that it's moving into other rooms as well.

Studio McGee took it to the next level when they incorporated a deep green island next to oak shelving in a walk-in closet. And they get bonus points for taking out the mundane task of shuffling from one level to the next to do laundry by incorporating the washer and dryer into the same room where the homeowners get dressed and undressed. Too easy!

Dream walk-in closet + laundry right here. Image Source: Studio McGee

So, you tell me! Have you seen enough of the Modern Farmhouse trend or are you hopeful that it will continue to evolve in new and interesting ways? Leave a comment on your thoughts. Happy weekend!

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Aug 23, 2021

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