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Friday Faves: Rattan Rhapsody

Rattan Daybed in a with traditional and modern twists.
Image Source: Honestly WTF

Step aside boho princesses, rattan no longer belongs to only you. In fact, the lovely material is making its way into all kinds of interior and outdoor spaces. Last week in Currently Craving: Nature, we talked a little bit about the growing trend of perfectly imperfect homewares and the demand for natural materials.

Rattan fits neatly into this trend. With its pliable texture, open weaves and curvy lines, furnishings constructed of rattan can double as sculptural art. And depending on how it is incorporated into a design it can serve as playful and fun, serious and sophisticated, beachy and breezing and yes, a bit bohemian, too.

Krista Collard Interior Design | Glam Bar Cart with Rattan Lamp

I’m not one to pick one style or theme and stick to it. Raw + Refined = a match made in heaven. Glam + Organic = Perfection. In my opinion, a well designed space needs a mix or you run the risk of becoming too “theme park-y” and this versatile material lends itself beautifully to diversity.

Image Source: Elle Decor France

It's no secret that rattan is right at home in the outdoors. It pairs perfectly with both structured and slightly unruly plants and accompanies coastal settings beautifully.

That goddess chair at the end is calling my name! | Tinekhome

Rattan is a great option to incorporate when you want to mix timber finishes. We love it when it takes on a more serious tone as it has with the hanging pendant in the dining space below.

Image Source | Domino Magazine

True versatility is alive and well. The hanging artwork in the image below is actually a footstool sustainably sourced and crafted by Cane-Line. If you're in a small space, (aren't we all?!) multifunctional pieces are crucial. The fact that the footstool can double as a table with tray and then be artfully hung on the wall to create more floor space is genius.

Image Source: Cane-Line.

In case you are wondering if you can truly use rattan in every room in (and out) of your home, wonder no more. The gorgeous material actually goes perfectly in a nursery or kids' room.

Image Source: 100 Layer Cake-let

Some people would never dream of putting black in a nursery, but this setup is gorgeous. I think between the forest-inspired wallpaper and the whimsical rattan bed, the whole space has a magical feel.

Image Source: Oh What's This

If light and bright is still your preference when it comes to nurseries, rattan looks perfect in these spaces, too.

So you tell me. Are you going to work rattan into your interiors? What are your fave pieces and inspirational spaces?


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