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Our Guide to a Cozy Christmas in July

Christmas in July. White rustic stockings hang from a stone fireplace with a green velvet bow and pine garland and twinkle lights.

Image Source | The Lily Pad College

Big family dinners, shopping for gifts, decorating the house… like, seriously, who doesn’t love Christmas! Heaven knows we’re all in need of something to look forward to this year. Whether you’re gearing up for Christmas in July, or counting down the days to a traditional December Christmas, here’s my guide on how to prepare for the holidays.

O Christmas Tree

Christmas in July. Modern country home with built in window seating and shaker cabinetry complete with plaid cushions. A lightly flocked undecorated rustic christmas tree sits in corner with white Christmas skirt and vintage rug beneath.

Image Source: Chrissy Marie Serrano

One thing I really love when it comes to Christmas decor is pairing traditional greens with creamy whites. Remember, not everything has to be candy-cane red or crazy red-green alternated. As an American living in Australia, I love layering white rugs and throws around the house during Christmas to remind me of the snow back home.

White painted classic brick fireplace decorated with natural pine garland and lit pillar candles with a modern brass round mirror above. Decorated for Christmas in July.

Image Source: Brick and Moss Designs

Another trend I absolutely love is huge leafy runners. Whether they’re lain over a mantle piece, threaded through a banister, or used as a table runner, there’s something so magical about having a natural feature in the house - and if you opt for real foliage, the smell is amazing! I adore the traditional look of pine runners, but if you’re living Down Under you can also use natives like eucalypts and bottlebrush for an Aussie feel.

Natural native Australian plants joined together to make a Christmas garland adorn with wood beads drooping over the fireplace.

Image Source: Liz Marie

My final piece of advice when it comes to decor is… wreaths! A good wreath never goes out of fashion, and to me is a Christmas staple. Whether you opt for a traditional brushy pine wreath, or a modern ring half-filled with natives, a Christmas Wreath can add a point of interest to bland spaces such as the front door or above the mantel piece.

Multi-season wreath with brass ring partially exposed. Wild dried plants emerge from different directions. Christmas in July.

Image Source: Eothen

Treat Yo-Self!

A heavily flocked and decorated Christmas tree sits in a corner with many presents sitting around it. The presents are in brown, white and gold paper with large bows. Christmas in July.

Image Source: Tuft and Trim

While we may not be able to go window shopping or browsing through shops like we used to, there’s still plenty of ways to purchase gifts online. Sourcing items from a reputable gift guide means you’re purchasing products that are tried-and-tested by those you follow online - you can view our super-chic holiday gift guide from last Christmas here, or if you’re after a last minute gift then our 2018 gift guide has you covered.

A raised traditional fireplace is decorated with pine garland and white rustic stockings. on the hearth sits a metallic reindeer and two metallic christmas trees. Above the mantle sits a black framed modern mirror with three brass rings of various size layered in front and a flocked and decorated Christmas tree reflects from the corner. Christmas in July.

Image Source: Style Me Pretty | Photography: Lindsay Salazar

Keep in mind that due to COVID-19, many delivery services are slower than usual, so you want to order with plenty of time for your presents to get to you. If you’re buying local, I suggest shopping online 2-3 weeks before you need your gifts, or better yet consider click-and-collect options. Purchasing overseas is fraught with danger at the moment, but if you really must, allow at least 8 weeks for delivery.

A christmas tree sits in the corner next to a tastefully decorated mantle adorned with pine garland, twinkle lights and brass candle holders of various size and shape with pillar candles, complete with a moder round brass mirror in the centre. The Christmas tree has many presents surrounding. Christmas in July.

Image Source: Pinterest

The other great thing about Christmas in July? Sales! With so many people shopping from home, Christmas in July sales are destined to be better than ever. Remember that plenty of stores are still hosting